Star Tattoo Ideas for Girls
Seeing a shooting star is a significant event as they are a phenomenon that is not seen every day. If you admire stars and you want to get a tattoo for a significant event in your life, consider a shooting star. For example, a shooting star tattoo would be ideal to honor a recent marriage or the birth of a child. Have two larger stars tattooed to represent you and your spouse, and have it trailed by smaller stars–one to stand for each of your children. If a loved one has recently passed, a shooting star can symbolize their life. Have the tattoo colored in your favorite hues or have it done in gray scale.

This five-sided star gets a lot of criticism as it is said to be associated with witchcraft and devil worship. In actuality, it is a pagan symbol. Each point of this star is symbolic. The upward facing point represents the spirit and the remaining four points stand for the elements–earth, air, wind and fire. It is said that the pentagram represents these things to indicate what makes up the spirit. If the elements and nature are significant to you, a pentagram tattoo may be the right choice for you.

Tattoos for girls are generally a loose term to describe designs that carry a feminine connotation or are placed in a location that are associated with females. The tattoos for girls in the picture is a perfect example. Flowers have always been associated with women and that has been true for thousands of years. The butterfly element is another symbol that is commonly attributed to members of the fairer sex. The artist has furthered the tattoos for girls motif by using the color purple.

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